Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wellsboro Fall 2008 Part III

A fine day for the Hancock Peleton.....Mark, left, consistent, Kurt K
top, in the classic jersey, and with the best bike, the Basso frame with all well cleaned components, leading the pack, Kurt N, doggedly leading us on, on to Timeless Destinations.....and Kristi...

Wellsboro Fall 2008 Part II

Lots of great fall scenery...particularly stunning are the old railroad
bridges and the rivers...riding up through the PA Grand Canyon
is quite spectacular in the fall....Arriving in Blackwater upper left...

Wellsboro Fall 2008

Long long day in the saddle...nearly 110 miles up to Wellsboro from the Corner Room...much of it on the old rails to can see the gravel surface to the left...hard but gives a little, meaning more power output per pedal stroke...picked up a rider, Dean, in Lock Haven...