Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cycle Art: The Pennsylvania Edition

Team Hancock June 2009 Stage 2, continued

Team powwow somewhere south of Huntingtonleft, ...Kurt crossing the Juniata river, right..

Team Hancock June 2009 Stage 2

Up 655 most of the way, small towns like Waterfall, Needmore...beautiful if long day in the saddle.... (breakfast at Sheetz, left, Kunka on the new Bianchi, a thing of beauty, top left, rest stop in Waterfall top right)

Team Hancock June 2009 Stage 1

The third Hancock ride...Kurt, Kurt, and Mark came down from SC, I
rode up Thursday el lobo solo, stopping briefly in Middletown to see
Rich Maranto, friend of spouse....97 or so up to Hancock, then 107 more
the next day into State College....legs felt good at end...
(near Dickerson, left, view from South Mountain, top, rails to trails near Hancock, right)

Moutain Mama 2009

Finally getting the monkey off his back, the intrepid
cyclist is able to finish all 9 climbs of the fabulous Mountain
Mama....the hardest (they were all hard), was Allegheny Mountain,
a relentless 8-mile climb....