Monday, June 30, 2008

Stage 3, Passo di Gavia

We arrived at Bormio around 11:00, dumped
luggage, and immediately began the ascent to
the Passo di Gavia. Bormio is at 4000 ft, and
the climb to the top of the Gavia amounts to
some 4500 feet, to over 8500 feet...its about a
16 mile climb, no real downhills, only one flat
area, so its basically up the whole way...the quality
of the road at the beginning was amazing, it
got worse later, but was still pretty good above the treeline... (more photos, videos to follow, having trouble with uploads)...


Phil said...

at this rate the mama will be a mere bambino when you're done!

Phil said...

After leftovers and 7 hours of sleep in a bedroom without a view, set out at dawn on my 28 year old Fuji Royale II steed, destination Bethesda. Roads were tricky. Could have used a guide through the potholes and traffic. Where is Massimo when I need him? Net elevation gain, zero feet. Think I'll do this again tomorrow...