Friday, September 11, 2009

Phil arrives for the Trans Pyrenees Challenge, down a domestique

Hi, this is guest blogger Phil Murphy. Thanks to Paul, who is missed already, for the blog site loaner during this year's Trans Pyrenees Challenge. The true challenge, of course, will be for me to maintain the very high standards of blog quality and quantity we've all become accustomed to at this site. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet, and cycle art is way in the future if it happens at all, so I'm tasked to describe the full sensory experience here in words. They're coming slowly right now since I'm still suffering from the fog of the flight over, crunched into a subcompact Lufthansa Economy class seat, and the noisy raceway outside my first floor window at Hotel Alfa Aeropuerto in Barcelona isn't helping one bit. Although, I must say, for a Best Western franchise the design and creature comforts here are unexpectedly nice. To keep you glued to this blog I promise to post photos tomorrow of the sink and shower head. Nothing like them in the US. Inspired by Gaudi, or just gaudy? The flight actually went quickly, greased by my new MacBook Air, Kenny Chesney and Alison Kraus tunes (thanks George), and most memorably, the latest Hannah Montana movie, which somehow kept me awake in the final two hours. HM is the new Superman, or Supergirl (was there ever a Superwoman or just Spiderwoman--a Shrew untamed). There, now I'll find out who's reading this. But back to HM, she morphs from plain Jane farmgirl to rock superstar faster than I can downshift on my Trek 5000. There, back to cycling.
One of the many unintended consequences of Paul's memorable descent on the Millennium Trail last week is that I am now tasked with making a drop of clothing and potions to his sister Julie next week. This is exciting since I don't really believe that Julie exists, having known Paul for 24 years and never met her. Hopefully it will happen although if it does it must be between 11 pm next sunday and 5:30 am the next day due to inflexible travel reservations.
I'm suddenly getting a red alert from Blogger, so I may have just wasted my time. I will try to Publish and see what happens. See you next time....

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Clare Murphy said...

Hey Daddy-O!! Your faithful reader here! I never thought I'd see the day where you blogged passionately about Hannah Montana, but what do you know? A very compelling piece. And in response, there was catwoman, but i can't remember if she was bad or good. In biking news, I got a bike!!! My friend is really tall and needed to get rid of her short person bike, and i happily filled the position. It's a beautiful blue mountain bike in great condition that i got for 60 bucks, so i decided to go all out on safety! One outrageously bright red flashing light in the back, another less outrageous one on the front, and a Kryptonite U-lock. I've been having a great time riding it around town already! Also, tonight i witnessed a bike accident. They just put in bike lanes on Comm Ave, but people are still stopping in them for drop offs, so tonight there was a taxi in the bike lane, the biker had to swerve around the taxi, and he ran into another car to the left of him. The cab driver didn't seem to understand how any part of it was his fault, said he didn't know that it's illegal to stop in a bike lane, but fortunately the biker was okay. But you're not alone in the world of Car vs. Bike. Now fortunately all you're up against is mountains-they'll be tough, but they won't pop out of nowhere! Good luck, and thanks for the early birthday present!!