Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Passo di Mortirolo, Abandonmente

Ok, here was the scenario, we had descended from Bormio, 4000 ft, to the base of the Mortirolo climb, at around 2000 ft. At this point in video I had climbed over 1000 feet, but in a fairly short distance, given the grade. The Marco Pantani memorial was another 2000 agonizing feet, and it was getting tough to keep the heart rate down. The summit was another 2000 feet beyond that, so I was facing 4000 feet of vertical climbing at high grades. We were also looking at a formidable climb the following day, the Stelvio, so the question facing the fatigued rider was, do I expend massive energy on this climb, or abandon now and face Stelvio with some mojo intact....It was a tough tough choice, given that the others were pounding up around the 9 km mark at that point (top was 12.5 km)....In the end I regrettfully abandoned, al0ng with Stefano and two riders from the Breakaway Tour, all of whom also were facing the Stelvio climb....

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