Thursday, July 15, 2010

Telegraphe and Galibier

So we saved the best and hardest for last...after a 10 mile warmup across the valley from St Jean de Maurienne, where Tour stage 9 that included Madeltine finished, we took a right over the river in St Michel de M. And up the Telegraphe, a fairly hard Cat 1 climb that luckily is mostly shaded.,,though I was absolutely drenched at top..then there is a short downhill into Valloire, a lovely town that is the gateway to the Galibier...the climb is quite varied, steep at first, then a long less steep climb up a beautiful glacial valley...a right turn crossing the river and then the fun begins...the next section of switchbacks averages 7 to 9 percent for a loping time but the scenery is stunning, with lots of snow nearer to top...the last 2 k or so rear up to 9 and above, but at least the weather was really good and it was not freezing at te top, as the Engine found it....the total 35 or so k climb is 7300 feet of vertical gain, by far the longest climb I have done...we had great French lunch in Vallore on way back with crepes, salad, beer, and fruits de Boise for dessert...


Anonymous said...

You should be ready to say goodbye to the Alps by now - you've climbed and conquered, descended successfully, and been treated to Alpine splendor. It could all seem like just more of the same tomorrow, but onward to Paris for podium kisses from Helen! Paul, thanks for all your postings -- we'll expect a full report on Paris (just kidding).


Phil said...

strong work dude! galibier takes no prisoners, but is still a short day in the saddle compared to our annual outing at the mama. by then your quads will be steel and you'll be ready to attack your 'teammates' again on monterey. how did you enjoy the descent through the switchbacks of galibier and telegraphe?
ok, back to the tdf: the manx missile is back and about to be launched again!!!!