Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tour Watching at Avoriaz

Amazing day in saddle...first Col du Corbier and then long climb through Morzine to Avoriaz...we arrived 5 hours or so ahead of peleton, as roads were closed at certain point...view was great as lead riders came through, got good video of Contador and Schleck...they really fly by...waited fir Lance group..,he had rough day...we then had to ride down back to Morzine amid general chaos...lots if pro riders came down with us..,more later


Anonymous said...

what a stage! and you were there! i didn't see the orbea tents or the rockville flag, or you. unless you were that guy running next to the lead group in a male bikini. try something more attention-getting next time on the madeleine, like cycling, instead of running, next to the leaders. poor lance. he's crashed in previous tours and been energized by it, but this was different.
does peter give you guys tomorrow off too? any sign of bobke?

Anonymous said...

The video feed cut to the "2K" banner as the GC contenders passed you by, oh well, save the banner.

Andy Schleck - so impressive accelerating past Contador then nipping Sanchez at the line, though it looked like his legs would snap. The group with Armstrong on the final climb seemed more pallbearers than cyclists. Lance says he'll now work for Levi, but there are all those individual stages for him to make a last grab for glory. What an exciting stage, I think Contador was worn out by his own domestics, who looked like assassins with their relentless expressionless hammering.

Thanks for the posts, look forward to tomorrow!