Monday, July 12, 2010

Tough Day, 3 Cols, Hot

Beautiful day....we began by going over the Col du Corbier, again...then up the Valley to Morzine, again...this time, instead to the Avoriazwe turned right onto the Joux Plane, a nasty little climb that had long steep stretches that seemed to go on forever...there was very little of it below 9 percent...we saw Lance and Chris Horner coming up on the way down, on their "rest day"...we descended and ate lunch in a small town...vegetarian food was hard to find...then, gluttons for punishment, we went about 15 miles down a beautiful valley and the descended to the base of the Col du Columbiere...the temperature was 98 degrees when we started up, but the first part of this monster 3200 ft climb was shaded, and temp dropped a bit...I had not eaten enough but felt great till about 5 k from top, the last section was really steep, with headwinds and a thunderstorm moving in...managed to make the top and the van minutes before storm hit....

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Phil said...

what? lance was climbing on his day off after crashing sunday? best evidence yet he doesn't dope.
keep up the tempo and the blogs. we'll be looking for you on the madeleine, half way done. you can now tell your grandchildren with a wink you flew past lance armstrong while climbing in the alps!


ps if the choice is between meat and starvation, go with the meat, although peter should have plenty of snickers to keep glycogen stores flush. need some specs on the orbea,